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Author Topic: Introducing myself!  (Read 7118 times)

April 08, 2007, 10:07:27 PM


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Since I am the first one to introduce myself, I am not sure how much information should I post here. However, I will briefly disclose some details here. I am Nash (first name), a male from Minnesota. I have been living in USA for almost 16 years, but still like my bangladeshi culture, people, and mostly bangla natoks. I live alone and no family yet.

I am currently going for my graduate certificate in Management Information Systems (MIS). I have been employed professionally for almost seven years. Besides reading my usual text books, I enjoy following CNBC and other financial news on line. I enjoy listening to music on yahoo while studying as well.

My tastes for food are somewhat picky but not limited to any specific type. For me trying anything at least once will only add experience. Italian, Chinese, Mongolian, Vietnamese, Indian, Caribbean, and American are all my most consumed food choices. Fish is my favorite dish as long as no strong flavor exists after its being prepared.

I go to the gym as much as possible since being healthy is my first priority. Besides, enjoying walk to any park on a beautiful summer day, I enjoy other outdoor activities very much. They are like camping, fishing, watching concerts, playing golf, enjoying movies in driving theater, visiting fairs, arts, zoo, and science theater etc.

Thatís all about me. Hopefully, other generous Bangladeshiís will introduce themselves here sometimes soon.
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April 08, 2007, 10:54:01 PM
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Hey, welcome to the site. I have to admit, thats the most impressive introduce yourself thread I've ever seen  ;) Hope you stick around, and be active - as you can see, I'm still trying to get this website going - a lot of people comes in and downloads the natoks, but only few registers (might have to make it register only to view natoks to force people to register). But please help spread the word about this site to your friends and family, and let me know if you have any requests for any specific natoks/magazines, etc :)